Friday, 23 December 2011

The Guide to Accessories!

Accessories are one of the most important part of an outfit! It gives it The outfit that little something!
I think that write now chancy oversized jewellery like bangles so so in and I just love them! Also long gold neckless's are very in with quirky things at the end such as bears!

When it comes to bags and every day life then I think a small over the shoulder bag is perfect and is so write now but if you are going out then an oversized clutch bag is the way to go! I think matching your shoes with your accessories is very important and finishes of the out fit perfectly! If you are wearing something classy though stick to the classic elegant neckless and earrings with a couple of brackets will do the trick I think this works the best with Silva then match the shoes with what colour diamonds you have used in the neckless earrings bracket together! If you uses 
this guide you will never go wrong!


  1. Thank you so much glad you liked it!