Monday, 22 October 2012

Making: Pin Cushion

This is a step by step guide of how to make a pin cushion a important object in a dressmakers sewing box. This is a easy project if you are just getting started in the sewing world. 

Items and Equipment: 

1. A hand full of wool
2. A Piece of fabric 
3. Pins
4. Fabric Scissors
5. Sewing Machine 
6. Ribbon
7. Decoration .E.G. Flower 

Step 1. Cut a piece of material that is ruffle square. 

Step 2. Fold in half and cut around any uneven edges to make it completely square.

Step 3. Fold the corners at either end and pin. Then fold the middle of the two folded corners and pin then  repeat for the two other sides. 

Step 4. Machine around the sides pined. 

Step 5. Scrunch the wool tight then place in the middle of the fabric and fold to to half in the middle and then pin. 

Step 6. Fold both sides by  folding in opposite sides and then pin. Now double up an piece of tread on a needle and hand stitch around pined sides.  

Step 7: Decorate how you wish, I tied ribbon around the four sides and tied a bow. Then hand stitched a flower in the middle of the bow. 

Watch my video below to see how I did it first hand.  

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