Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fashion Logos?

When you pick up a fab designer bag, dress or accessories are you buying it because it have a designer logo you can show it off and therefore because of the label it must be fashionable? And are you spending hundreds of pounds on the fab design or the designer logo and brand? And yes i agree there is a certain added luxury to a designer bag or garment but it not the logo sparking in the sun but the added quality of a handmade with care and more unique than high street. As much as I love designers and like PRADA and Versace, but after reading a interesting article by the telegraph online fashion section about how Selfridges are starting there "No Noise" campaign, they are asking big brands to tine down logo's branding techniques in the hope bags and other clothes will sell on their style and design and not their brand. This point of buying something for the brand and not for the chic design when the article reminded us of Jill Sander's paper lunch bag made from paper which sold out for £185 each and of course the plastic shopping bag reminding us a little too much of Salisbury's.This article lead to another article which said when Gucci "de-branded" if you will to make the bag more discrete which led to more people and celebs buying more leading to a bigger profit. I think this would be a amazing opportunity to rethink our designer shopping habits to what we like and not what you think you should like and a fantastic opportunity to explore new designers! So I think all in all I love this new campaign by Selfridges! 

Yer...I think not...

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