Saturday, 22 December 2012

PRADA to Primark

We all know how the fashion industry works. A well designer known designer will how their collection from a runway and other smaller designer will inspire their collections on it taking a colour, theme, neck line or even print and use it in their collection. then department then high-street will use the most sell-able parts and then will start a trend this being fashion. So when we see a Primark collection with a unmistakable  PRADA inspired collection at their love to hate prices we jumping at the chance. If you dislike wearing Primark because of their...(well cheap looking) then you can always go to your local haberdashery and and spice up your garment or buy some more expensive accessories to pair them up with. 

these are some which are practically identical to the PRADA collection we saw go down the runway and were my favourites and the time and are now:

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