Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How to make a scented padded coat hanger

Every one needs chic hangers for there chic collection to make it better hut why spend the money when you can you your old ones with some spare fabric.

You will need:

A old coat hanger
PVA Glue
Cotton wool/ stuffing
Needle and thread
Scented flower e.g lavender 
Fabric 50cm length  and 45cm wide.

Cover the coat hanger thoroughly in PVA glue by painting it on.

Now tightly and evenly stick on you stuffing, add you scent into the wool and over but making sure it's secure
Fold the piece of fabric in half with the two longer sides wrong sides facing in.
Wrap the fabric around the hanger 
Making sure the material is pulled tight where the two ends meet then pin in place
Now hand sew along the pinned side making sure the stitches are small
Fold in the sides neatly and hand sewing again with small stitching and repeat for other side
Decorate how you please

Video uploaded shortly: Video at How to make a padded coat hanger Video

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