Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bare Minerals: Un-boxed

Hey Sorry its been so long have had a hectic week adding finishing touches to my new room. Anyway yesterday I purchased some  new Bare Minerals, the primer, Blush called The Whisper and The Skinny Dip Bronzer.  I have used Bare Minerals foundation and after experimenting found it to be really quite good especially when using their brushes for each part being applied. I like the simplicity of the make up ingredients which are kind to my sensitive skin. Their are so many different colours and variations perfect for mine and all other skin tones. I would defiantly recommend starting with some Bare Minerals foundation to see how you get on then build up with Bronzer and Blush but also get the primer as it will keep the foundation on the whole day. Any way my next post will be back to fashion but now I going to get stuck into some crafts!  

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