Friday, 21 February 2014

Day in London: Fashion Galore!

Yesterday Was amazing day in London I went to the Summer Set House to the Isabella Blow exhibition Fashion Galore! I would definitely would recommend it was so amazing.  There was tones of couture from Louis Vuitton, Prada and of course Alexander McQueen (they were know for their collaboration) Beautiful! Then I went to Camden Town to the market. Well That was an experience I would never forget! Yeah it was interesting and different! The one shop that I probably wouldn't purchased anything but I thought it was a lot of fun! It's called cyber dog. Yeah It very futuristic and style of clothes and amazing loud and cool music playing. Then after a tasty lunch I headed over covent garden to take a look around(thats more my scene than camden with Dior and Burberry). Then a coffee break at costa the day was done I it was time to return home. I love London its so much fun. 


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    1. Aww thanks. And yes of course I will visit your blog?