Friday, 28 March 2014

This Weeks Buys!

So sorry I haven't been very active on here recently so sorry busy work work, I will do more to post.

Anyway I went shopping (yes again!) this time in Westfield! I love west field all the best shops all in  one place. And that is literal all my favourite shop are in one line! Amazing! I didn't over so it too much. I got stunning clothes perfect for summer ( I wish it would hurry up!).

1. Primark - £7 Short sleeve with elasticised hem with beautiful print. I will wear it with a maxi skirt and jeans! 
2. Forever 21- £10.50 backless- Love
3. H&M - £14.99 blouse long sleeves
4. Miss Selfridge - £16 cap sleeve My Favorite 
5. H&M - £9.99
6. H! Holland - £14  Skater Style 3 quarter length sleeve 
7. Primark phone case - £3 SO CUTE!

Love my New Purchases and Just an FYI the Henry Holland Dress I bought today there is no Debenhams in Westfield which is the only let down! But anyway Have a nice weekend and Don't forget the clock goes forward an hour tomorrow! 

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