Thursday, 13 March 2014

Weekend in Liverpool!

So sorry guys that I haven't posted in a while I have been so busy but I will try harder to post.
So anyway last weekend I I took a trip to Liverpool. Yeah it was nice and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Okay lets be honest here I went there for the shopping. But of course I had to do some of the things that one has to do when in Liverpool (oh my god I sound like the queen...  that's only going to fuel English stereotypes!). Anyway. Yes Liverpool, so of course I went to the Carven-the club/bar place where to Beatles first became known. It was okay but not really my scene and a few days later I went to the Beatles story museum again it was good and fairly interesting but not really my scene. I really enjoyed the bus tour found it so interesting and it was nice hearing about the area from someone who lives there. And now for the important bit the shopping! To some it up it was mind boggling! There was every high street store you could possible want; Forever 21, Topshop, miss Selfrigde, new look, Debenhams, Select, Tkmaxx, John Lewis -with amazing Haberdashery and so so many more. I think I did well with only purchasing three Items. A H! Henry Holland top from Debenhams a Oasis bracelet from Debenhmas and a exquisite pair of heel from Primark. Simple pieces with high impact.  I think I did well only buy three items considering how many shops there are and how big they are. I would even say it better than Oxford Street because you don't have to cross a major road and there are more shops in smaller space. 
Would I recommend the shopping ?YES one hundred percent.   Would I live there or recommended it? To be frank I would live there just for the shopping.  But realistically no, my heart is in London, but I  enjoyed it and would go back soon. If you don't like the idea of city life then maybe its for you as it doesn't really feel like a city like London it doesn't have the busy atmosphere and its not too big. But I really enjoyed it and can't wait to go back but for now I will stick to London. 

John Lewis's Haberdashery never fails to impress I wanted to but all of it! 

 I Was Wearing Black Skinny Jeans a Green top and ties bolus on top but, its not a great photo.

These were all over Liverpool, Banana Lambs so funny and cool painted all different ad they made me laugh so I had to photograph it!

 It was amazing they have a exact replica of Central Perk from the Show Friends, I didn't have tome to go in but I had a Look around the door and It was Identical to the Friends Set...So amazing! 

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  1. I hope u enjoyed your week :)

    1. Aww thank you yes it was very nice can't wait to go back!