Monday, 13 July 2015

France Day 2: Montpellier

Today I went to a lovely city in the South of France called Montpellier. Its nice because you just park outside the the city centre and then get a tram in. Their trams is the a kind of Underground system but above ground and trams. The city square was delightfully bustle with people (but in a good way) and full of shopping and restaurants. I am not adventurous with my eating so I just had a margarita pizza which was very nice, then I went on a on road train tour to the rest of the city like the aqua duct and take some photo's. I also went in the shopping centre which was big and had stunning stores in it but I resisted buying anything because I have already packed most of my house.  All in all a very nice day and extremely hot which I like.

Today I am wearing a Blue Blouse with a Blue Midi Skirt Blue Sandals and A blue hand bag and jewellery. ( Notice a common theme there?)

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