Friday, 16 September 2016

London Fashion Week Day 1: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams was a weird one. I loved some pieces and to put it bluntly hated others. There was a set of sorts of what was probably be a child's bedroom. I think at one point there was a theme of sibling rivalry with I was born first quotes. 
There was underwear was outwear with a fringed bra on top garments which I liked. I really liked the tailoring in this show it was nicely done if not a bit random. There was then a nice pair of dungarees with top stitching which I was liked. Later there was fabulous yellow summer dress with the bra detail on and a suit too with the same fabric. 
I really liked the oversized jackets with the skirts it reminded me of Greece (film not country) especially the pink and black one with bra on top.  There was the a garments with oversized sleeves I really liked the shirt one the most.  This was mixed show which also featured one mens outfit and an oversized jumper which although look rather nice and comfy was a bit out of place in a Spring/Summer show. But it was fun I liked it and it was a unique way to end day one! 
I hope you have enjoyed London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 17 and come back tomorrow for day 2.  Tell me your thoughts in the comment section.

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