Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Construction an Exhibition on Clothing, Image and Persona

So its been a while and I have desperately missed blogging but now I am free on University life I am free to blog to my hearts content!

So I went to a exhibition at my local museum in southend the Beecroft Art Gallery. Its a small but free exhibition which was about exploring the meaning construction with in the different part of fashion. How the construction of clothing or fashion accessories can create a persona or image. 

Alexander Wang



Victor and Rolfe


Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Inspired by hisotroirc dress Vivienne Westwood's design is typical of her style and use of corsetry and drapery. 

Jean Paul Gaultier 


This was my favourite piece of the Exhibition, I loved the tailoring and the hand embroidery fascinates me but I also love the detail and the use of mathematical of graphs. I just love it. 

Yves Saint Laurent

A classic 80s power suite with the use of the bright blue colour and the classic structured shoulders.

Alberta Ferretti
So if you are in the Southend area with a spare half hour and looking for something to do I defiantly recommend you check this out.

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