Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Forties Glamour!

I have expressed my love for the forties era and am a delighted to find that forties glamour is making a come back through out the runways of different designers. 

Different designers have taken different takes and adding different accessories and using different styles.
Lots of them have included pearls, hats, fur, gloves and pencil skirts. I feel that detail is really important. Like pin stripes on the trousers and or on a blouse/ top to give it a tailed look. A statement hat with oversized sunglasses to give it a glam look. 
Your wait line is everything and a thing belt to bring in the waist will look great.  Finish off with a oversized clutch bad and leather gloves. Which will give you a vintage forties glam look!  Don't forget to mix and match with different accessories and if you have pearls and a vintage dress for the evening then that's even better. 
I love forties Glam!!! 

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