Saturday, 13 August 2011

Palazzo Pants!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted since I have come back from Italy but I was trying to up load pictures for the post and I had a bit of a technical problem and  could do the post. But I will do it for next week!

Palazzo Pants are the thing this new season which I think will hit the big time! I think they look fab and if you have a pair with a good print E.G. Floral print then you only really need a basic vest top to go with it which looks best tucked in! A big belt and even really thin belt will go really well with some pairs ( but not all so chooses wisely if you want to add a belt!)
The bootleg cut at  the bottom and the shape of the whole of the leg shape really lengthens your leg and will highlight your hip and waist!

The only down side to the is I only really think ( though please say if you think I'm wrong!) It only really works for a straight up and down figures and a hour glass body shape as is really focuses on the waist and hips so I'm really sorry but in my opinion other body shapes might not works quite as well. 

I really think and hope that Palazzo Pants will hit the big time this new season!

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