Friday, 6 December 2013

Dare to wear!

It's cold outside but there is no snow! What's that about?! So to cheer my self up I thought I would put of a bright pair if socks and my wedges with my blue skinny jeans. Then I walked outside and got on a bus. I got of in the high street in the end and did a spot of Christmas shopping. 10 minuets later I stumbled into newlook and I found the most amazing pair of leather trousers so I splashed out and bought a pair! They ozzed with sasse and I couldn't help myself. Though I nearly bought the whole store it was so inspiring i wanted it all if only I had the money! They are perfect to go with most if my winter wardrobe! I am so excited to get them on and take them for a test ride. Leather trousers aren't something I would normally buy but they are in fashion and I was feeling daring! Anyway time to get back to my warm evening in!

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