Friday, 31 January 2020

How to Sew Inseam Pockets

I love to sew and as I was sewing a piece for my online store (Abbys Art Atelier) I thought I would share how to sew a inseam pockets.  You will need some sewing experience and a skirt or trouser pattern cut and sewn with the dart if required are in and no further.

Once you have your skirt or trouser sew the pocket bag to the side seam of the skirt where the pattern has notched where it should be placed. And repeat this on the side of both front pieces and and back pieces if required on both sides if not just one back and one front. 

Then on the right side sew along the side of the seam with the seam allowance on the wring side pushed towards the pocket bag.  This is under-stitching.  Again repeat for all pocket bags.

Then pin together the front and back like a normal side seam but this time move the bag to the side and and pin around that too. 

Then starting from the top of the skirt or trouser and sew down to where to pocket bag start and then stop. With the needle down turn the skirt so the direction is going towards the pocket bag and follow around the bag edge keeping to the seam allowance. Once the bag in sewn turn the skirt so the direction is continued down towards the seam and continue as normal. 
Then iron the seam open. 

And job done you have an inseam pocket! 

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