Saturday, 29 February 2020

Stitch Featival

On Thursday I took a trip to London to visit the Stitch Festival a place full of inspirational sewing and crafting ideas. 
I started the Alda you with a talk by Esme Young a teacher at CSM and a judge on the Great British Sewing Bee. She talked about her life and career in the fashion industry and it was so interesting and inspiring. There was small exhibit with some examples of her work which were amazing to look at too!

Then after a bite to eat I took my time wondering around all of the stalls selling beautiful fabrics, fascinating sewing machines and so much more. There were lots of demonstrations to watch and to learn from too!  I could of spent a fortune the stunning fabrics but I managed to resist. 

The one thing I could not resist was a stand demonstrating how to create marble art it room my imagination and fascinated me so much I had to buy a kit and try it out for myself. Look out for that probably on my art page. 

Overall it was a fun, inspiring and educational day and I would definitely recommend! 

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