Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Check this out!

There is nothing better than a bad pun on a rainy day! Yeah so once again it is raining outside, typical English weather letting us down again, if we have to have extreme weather why can't it be snow! 

Anyway checks or plaid print are still uber-cool so I say let's milk it! I love a good check skirt, dress, top or even trousers. It really gives you the chance to have fun and be a little daring and outrageous! 
Why don't you tuck your plaid shirt into your flared skirt and whack on a fab little (or big) belt.  Or for me I love to wear one with my leather tourers- any excuse to wear them! 
If you want to have a checked orientated outfit why don't you have a plaid dress with oversized bags and over the top jewellery! FUN!

Anyway these are a few of my favs from new look enjoy:

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