Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Christmas Sparkle

At this time of year there is nothing I like more than rocking a sparkle or sequin top skirt or dress. And this year did not disappoint there are some beautiful pieces on the high street. So here are some of my favourites...

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I like this simple cami I love the subtle pattern in the sequins, wear it with a pair skinny jeans and a cute jacket job done!

This dress is a holographic rather than a sequin and perfect for the night down a club or a Christmas party!

H and M


 These skirt and top is perfect for a co-ord look or mix and match perfect if you have multiple occasional to sparkle at!

This may not be a traditional Christmas colour but I love the brightness of it and bold Statement it makes!

If you don't want to go full sparkle jazz up a simpler outfit with this cute jacket!


I absolutely adore this colour again not traditional but it us so cute the way it looks on it such a pretty piece, and this and the next one are my favourites on this list!

All you need to perfect this outfit it a stunning pair of black skinny jeans, enough said!

If you don't want a full Christmas jumper of the event isn't too formal this is just the right level of glam and Christmas! 

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